Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are true, deep, metaphysical connections possible?

Is there really a Coupe de Ville hiding at the bottom of the cracker jack box? Will I/you/we find what we seek? (and on the internet no less?)
I’ve had that insta-connection with people I’ve met online who indicated that it was reciprocated. It hasn’t worked out mostly from what it seems cause I didn’t “fit” into the “what they were looking for” criteria and that's [i]fine![/i], that's the risk of the dating game.
Does a potential relationship need that insta-connection? I dunno, but that feeling is intoxicating and I have no doubt that what I felt was real and incredible, and I was able to fall into their embrace and fit like a glove, see them inside and out, hear a volume from every sentence spoken; and I hope that if and when it happens again it will blossom, though no regrets on what I have gotten to experience. Better to have loved and lost... Maybe the bar is now set too high now (but shouldn’t it be set that high? Should we really settle for less?). If it’s happened more than once than I guess that connection doesn’t equate to “the one” but I think it does equate to an incredible potential of what could be. I don’t know if I believe in the concept of “the one” but I do believe in love, and I can’t imagine there’s anything in this world that would make me walk away from something that powerful…when you see someone, the good and the bad, and can embrace and love and respect and crave the very fibre of their existence.
Don’t get me wrong, I know we can all make mistakes by following our hearts without letting our heads take lead to be sure the full picture is there. But when your heart, and mind, and body are all in agreement, and it’s mutual, isn’t that reason to throw caution to the wind? If it’s just a sexual attraction that leads your heart to someone then yeah, that is a bad idea. On the converse, if it’s a person that meets all of your “checklist” items and has none of your “red flag” items but there's no spark…maybe you can build something on that, I don’t know, I’ve tried without success.
But when you look at someone and can say without hesitation “yeah, that’s someone amazing”, and it’s mutual, AND that spark is there, I’m sorry…it’s a mistake to walk away.
It’s fine, we all make mistakes and sometimes they’re made for good reason in the grand scheme of things because we are meant to be on another path….but don’t let fear be your deterrent when you know what you know and feel just cause it doesn't make sense; quantum physics is what it is regardless of whether we understand it.
Do you really wanna look back and say “I wonder…”? Yeah you’ll probably, almost certainly, meet someone else and fall in love, and maybe they’ll fit better…but once you settle into the routine of realizing they’re not perfect, and relationships take work no matter what…think back to that other “I wonder if that really would have been better and was what I was seeing really all that it seemed”.